The Eight Traits Every Great Accountant Brings to the Table

If you want to be an outstanding accountant, you need to have a well-rounded skill set along with the communication and leadership skills to succeed. Without these qualities, it may be hard to excel in such a critical role. However, if you possess these characteristics and the required level of know-how, rising to the top is certainly a possibility.

1. Organization and Time Management

Accountants have to track a substantial amount of information over the course of performing their duties. Being able to adhere to strict timetables and meet critical deadlines is also essential.

Having strong organizational skills means you’ll be able to find important information with ease. Time management skills ensure you can complete your work even when faced with the most demanding of schedules.

2. Trustworthiness

As an accountant, you’ll be privy to details that organizations want to keep private and sensitive information that must remain secure. Understanding how vital not sharing critical data with third parties is crucial. Without trust, the accountant-client relationship cannot survive, so showcasing your trustworthiness is a must.

3. Attention-to-Detail

Being detail-oriented is a quintessential trait for accountants, so learn to have a sharp eye to find discrepancies. Quickly locating errors is part of the daily reality of the profession, and that requires a significant amount of due diligence and attention-to-detail.

4. Commitment to the Client

When you work as an accountant, you can’t just focus on the numbers. The accountant-client relationship is just as significant, so you need to be committed to meeting their needs.

This goes beyond simply responding to their requests. You need to learn about their industry and business, identify accounting rules that apply to their company, and monitor economic measures that may impact them. This ensures you are well-informed, making you a more valuable asset.

5. Creative Problem-Solving

Not every client is going to have textbook-style problems. This means creative problem-solving capabilities can make a massive difference in your career, giving you the ability to stand out as a top performer.

6. Willingness to Learn

In the field of accounting, there’s always something new on the horizon. Having a desire to learn and a passion for the industry makes it easy to put in the time necessary to stay on top of new developments.

Accountants with a willingness to learn are highly coveted as they are capable of managing emerging trends and integrating new developments into their processes, leading to increased productivity.

7. Communication

Being able to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues separates great accountants from the good ones. The ability to share technical information in a way that non-finance professionals can grasp the concepts ensures everything is well understood, no matter who is in the conversation.

8. Flexibility

Accountants often face challenges while performing their duties. The ever-changing nature of the field can also create its fair share of difficulties. Learning to tackle roadblocks head-on and embracing shifts in the workplace not only shows you can adapt, but it also gives you a chance to take advantage of the positives associated with a change. Plus, you’ll be ready to respond to regulatory shifts as required, ensuring you provide high-quality services.

By having the eight traits above, you position yourself to be a great accountant throughout the course of your career. If you are interested in learning more or are seeking new opportunities, the professionals at VB can help. Contact us to discuss your accounting career goals today and see how our services can benefit you.

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