Eight Types of Interviews to Prepare For

When most people think of interviews, they picture themselves sitting across from a hiring manager and answering questions about their work history. But, that isn’t the only option.

Companies may use a variety of interview formats to gauge which candidate should receive a job offer, often tailoring their approach based on their unique needs or circumstances. As a job seeker, it’s wise to be ready for some of the most common variants. Here are eight types of interviews every candidate should be prepared to face.

1. Traditional Interviews

A traditional in-person interview is the most common option. You’ll have a meeting with a single interviewer and answer questions about your experience, skills and perspectives, allowing them to assess whether you’re right for the job.

2. Phone Interviews

In most cases, a phone interview is either an initial screening mechanism or a method that allows a hiring manager to interview remote candidates. In most cases, you’ll face similar questions as you would during a traditional interview, though it may be a shorter meeting. It’s wise to prepare for a phone interview as you would for an in-person meeting. However, since you can’t be seen, you can write notes that can help jog your memory.

3. Video Interviews

Usually, a video interview either replicates the traditional or phone interview experience, giving the hiring manager a chance to see you while you answer questions. Since there is a visual component, you need to dress as though you are meeting with the interviewer in person, while also ensuring whatever is behind you is appropriate. A blank or plain wall in a quiet and private room is best.

4. Case or Technical Interviews

A case or technical interview involves you being given a specific problem or scenario and asked to solve it. In some of these interviews, the entire time will be dedicated to a single problem, while others will include a variety of challenges. This allows the interviewer to assess how you think or work on the fly, taking things beyond a simple question and answer format.

5. Lunch Interviews

If your interviewer asks to meet over a meal to discuss your candidacy, this is usually a positive sign. It adds a level of casualness to the encounter as it isn’t uncommon to chitchat during these meetings. However, you’ll need to navigate the unique challenge of talking about your skills and accomplishments while trying to eat, which often means ensuring your responses are both impactful and concise.

6. Panel Interviews

In a panel interview, you’ll be sat down in front of multiple interviewers simultaneously. Usually, you’ll face traditional interview questions, but you’ll need to make an effort to connect with each participant. While this can seem daunting, it is possible as long as you rotate your eye contact throughout the experience and actively listen to every member when they speak.

7. Group Interviews

Mostly reserved for entry-level positions, group interviews involve multiple candidates being brought in at the same time. You’ll be answering common interview questions in front of your competitors, which can be anxiety-inducing. However, if you stand out from the crowd and can play off what the other interviewees say during your responses, you might be able to catch the hiring manager’s eye.

8. Working Interviews

In some cases, companies conduct working interviews so they can actually have you complete a real-world task they commonly face. Ultimately, it allows them to see you in the exact situations you’ll manage on a daily basis, ensuring you actually possess the right skills to do the work.

Which interview approach a company will take depends on their specific needs. If you aren’t certain which one they employ, consider asking when they contact you to schedule your appointment if they don’t specify it in advance. In many cases, they’ll be open to cluing you in.

If you are interested in learning more or are seeking out new opportunities, the professionals at VB can help. Contact us to discuss your career goals with one of our experienced team members today and see how our services can benefit you.

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