Employment Fast Track: How to Speed Up Your Job Search

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When you’ve been on the job market for a long time it is easy to get frustrated. Every rejection begins to feel like the world is against you. But why are you searching for a job and what are you hoping to gain? What are the real reasons behind the lack of offers or the loss of momentum in your job search?

Many people have an expectation that each new job will provide them with the fulfillment that they have been looking for. And each time there are similar challenges that can be easily blamed on the environment, the job duties, or management. However, there is really only one common factor in all of these dissatisfying job relationships. Sometimes the key to finding the best opportunity in your career comes from changing your own attitude.

When you’re searching for your next job, try these ideas to make the process work for you rather than against you.

  1. Know your own goals. What were the things you were passionate about before you began your first job? Where did that passion go? It might be time to reevaluate what you want out of your career and find that spark once again. Look at your talents and your experience and figure out a way to make those things work for you in your career.
  2. Choose the right references. Some job seekers make the mistake of not providing references who can speak highly of experience. You want to have three to four names of people who believe in you as a candidate. Always have their contact information on hand in case you need to provide information to a potential employer. If you don’t have managers that would be good references choose mentors or community leaders with whom you’ve developed relationships.
  3. Improve your LinkedIn page. So many people view LinkedIn as a passing trend but more and more recruiters are using it as their primary source for finding candidates. Update your page even when you’re not looking for a new job so you don’t need to track down important information when you really need it. Pay special attention to your headline and keywords that you use throughout your profile.
  4. Network the right way. Job seeking is all about meeting the right people. While you may spend some time responding to online job postings you should be spending more of it meeting new people in your industry or community. Don’t focus solely on what a connection can do for you. Be helpful, introduce new connections to old connections, and demonstrate your worth to them.

Before you spend much more time spinning your wheels and looking for jobs that won’t leave you feeling fulfilled you may wish to rethink your strategy and work on providing value to potential employers.

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