Expert IT Advice for the Millennial Generation

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Generation X practically invented Information Technology. Now the next generation is entering the workforce and these incoming millennials have never known a time without computers. They are changing the face of the IT industry but not without the help of the professionals who paved the way. When IT World Magazine asked current IT managers and experts about their best advice for current graduates entering the field, this is what they had to say.

  • Pay versus experience. Current professionals encourage younger IT workers to consider all of the benefits of a new job before making a decision. The highest paying job may not be the best way to gain new experience or further a career. Experts recommend getting general experience before choosing a specialization for an IT career. Always focus on learning new things and developing a broad knowledge base. The pay shouldn’t be the most important part of accepting a job.
  • Tech versus management. Beyond the dollar signs, one of the most important decisions any IT specialist can make is what path they want their career to take. Some people prefer the management aspect and others like to get their hands dirty with the technical work. Management training involves a lot of strategy, planning, finance, and other intangible subjects. Management also means responsibility for the performance of others. This is why some IT professionals prefer to stay behind the scenes. Both are valid and have their place in the IT ecosystem.

Finally, probably the most important lesson for any incoming IT professional is to find a mentor. These established professionals can help you navigate the direction of your career. They’ve lived this and in many cases they’ve been there to develop the very positions that are now essential for information technology. You can learn from their mistakes, ask questions about their career path, and lean on them for advice as you pursue your own future.

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