Find the Pot of Gold in Your Job Search: 4 Must-Follow Tips

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With the overwhelming amount of job search advice available today, it’s easy to overlook some steps that are crucial for success. As a result, your job hunt may fall short, all because you missed the advice that genuinely makes a difference. 

If you want to make sure you can find the pot of gold in your job search, here are four must-follow tips every candidate needs to hear. 

1. Always Target Your Resume (and Use Keywords)

First and foremost, targeting your resume to the position should always be a priority. By making yourself a clear fit for that specific role, you’ll increase your odds of catching the hiring manager’s eye dramatically. 

However, you can’t just target your resume for the job; you also need to include the right keywords. Today, many companies rely heavily on applicant tracking systems (ATSs) to perform initial screenings. If you don’t use the exact words and phrases, an ATS is programmed to screen you out before the hiring manager ever sees your application. 

Ideally, use the same spellings you find in the job descriptions. Those are the words and phrases that the ATS is most likely set up to seek out. By using them exactly as they are presented in the vacancy announcement, your chances of being viewed as a match by an ATS rise significantly. 

2. Get on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is increasingly becoming critical for job searches. Some hiring managers and recruiters are wary of candidates that don’t have any online presence. By starting a profile on LinkedIn, you make sure you have one. 

Additionally, a LinkedIn profile can serve as a job application or a resume supplement. In some cases, you can submit your profile directly to an opening, or you can list your link on your resume, ensuring the hiring manager can find that information with ease. 

3. Telling Compelling Stories

Standing out from other candidates is always a challenge. However, if your interview answers are dry, it’s even harder. 

When you practice your interview answers, focus on telling compelling stories. The STAR method is an excellent approach for crafting engaging responses, so use that to guide you as you rehearse your answers. 

4. Always Say “Thank You” 

Thank you emails are incredibly powerful. If you don’t send one after an interview, the hiring manager may assume that you are no longer interested in the position or, worse, they could view you as rude or ungrateful for the opportunity. 

Since sending thank you emails takes only a few minutes, make it part of your post-interview routine. Send one out within 24 hours. That way, you can make sure the hiring manager knows you are interested and appreciative. 

We Can Help You Find a Job You Love

Ultimately, each of the tips above can play a significant role in your job search success. If you’d like to find out more or want to partner with a recruiter to find outstanding opportunities, the staff at VincentBenjamin can help. Contact us today.