Five Questions to Assess a Candidate’s Fit for Your Company

While assessing a candidate’s hard skills is certainly a primary goal of the interview process, there is more to determining whether they will be a great fit than technical ability. Cultural fit is often just as important as it is typically a strong indicator of a job seeker’s potential for success within the organization.

If you need to assess a candidate for cultural fit, here are five questions to ask during the interview.

1. Describe your ideal work environment or culture.

This one quickly gets to the heart of the issue by giving the job seeker a chance to discuss what they see as an ideal fit. Often, they’ll share details about the physical environment, desired opportunities and even preferred management style, allowing you to quickly determine if their ideal matches what you have to offer.

2. How would you describe your ideal manager?

If they didn’t touch on their preferred management style when asked about their ideal work environment, then it’s wise to ask this question as well. It gives you the opportunity to determine if you (or the new hire’s supervisor) operate with an approach that fits them best.

The old adage goes, “people don’t quit companies, they quit managers.” So, if the person is looking for a lot of direction, but you prefer to empower employees with a level of autonomy, it might not be the right workplace for them.

3. Do you prefer to work alone or as part of a team? If you have to do both, what is your ideal percentage of each?

This two-part question helps you assess whether the level of team interaction will meet the candidate’s needs. Some positions aren’t as collaborative while others are dominated by team interaction. Ideally, you want to find a job seeker who’s preferred percentage somewhat matches the reality of the role, as this increases their likelihood of thriving in the environment.

4. How would you describe the role you play in team projects?

Some people naturally prefer to lead while others are more comfortable in supporting roles when they work with a team. While neither approach is inherently right or wrong, it allows you to picture how the candidate may or may not fit into your current team makeup.

For example, if your current staff prefer supportive roles, finding someone who is prone to leading may be ideal. But, if you have a team full of leaders, then someone who isn’t looking to stand in that place may be a better fit.

5. What three things do you expect from senior management?

This is another question that allows you to assess whether the organization’s management style matches the candidate’s needs. A mismatch in this area could lead to an employee becoming dissatisfied, even if things in their immediate team align with their preferences, making it an important point to cover.

By asking the questions above, you can increase your odds of finding a job seeker who is a good cultural fit for your company, increasing their odds of success in the position.

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