Four Questions to Determine If Your Business Is Ready for Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is making waves in nearly every industry. Companies across a variety of sectors are beginning to explore the technology’s potential, and many are taking active steps to prepare for a future implementation.

Often, preparing for AI solutions requires some substantial investments, usually both in the necessary time and energy as well as improving optimizing hardware and infrastructure. Having the right tools available is also critical. Otherwise, a company may be ill-prepared.

If you want to make sure your business is ready for AI, here are four questions to help you determine your level of readiness.

Is AI Part of Your Company’s Digital Transformation Plan?

Digital transformation and AI typically go together. Digital has to be at the core of various operations, and AI has to be integrated into the overall journey. Otherwise, the two objectives may not be cohesive, and AI typically shouldn’t be a goal if digital transformation is not a priority.

Are IT Leaders Ready to Be Champions of AI?

AI initiatives largely fall into the hands of tech professionals. If IT leaders aren’t ready to embrace the technology, the likelihood that a future implementation will be successful declines dramatically.

Similarly, if IT leaders aren’t well informed about AI, they may struggle to make sound decisions, harming the business. Ultimately, IT leaders need to be well-versed in the technology and eager to explore its potential if you want to be ready for AI.

Is Your Data AI-Ready?

Data readiness is critical for AI to achieve the desired results. AI is driven by data, so it needs to be a primary focus for your company.

Usually, this involves considering issues like data accessibility, storage, analysis and security. Having robust data management systems and processes is a crucial step when preparing for AI. Similarly, data governance is a factor that has to be accounted for before an AI implementation is planned.

Does Your Technology Budget Have Room for AI?

While many companies have systems and solutions in place that could support AI pilots, a full implementation often requires additional investments, particularly in the realm of IT infrastructure. New servers may be required as well as data management technologies, security products and development platforms and tools.

If your current budget doesn’t support the technology purchases that may be necessary for an AI project to succeed, then your company may need to delay the implementation. Alternatively, additional funds may have to be allocated. Otherwise, a project may not reach completion before the money runs out.

Are You Prepared to Introduce AI Into Your Business?

Ultimately, AI has the potential to revolutionize how companies operate, increasing efficiency and supporting greater productivity. However, AI isn’t a technology that can be added to just any environment. Preparation is critical if your implementation is going to succeed, so make sure your business is genuinely ready before you move forward with AI.

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