From Small Companies to Large Corporations: How to Transition Your IT Career

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Career transitions can be exciting but they can also create anxiety when making a major change. Are you considering a move from a small IT firm to a large corporation? This can sometimes be the best thing for your career but it is important to know how to approach the new job. Before you decide to make this transition here are some things you should keep in mind.

  • What is the new corporate culture? The differences between corporate cultures can be vast. For example, IBM is known for procedures and organizational structure. Google, on the other hand, has a reputation of being innovative and more casual. What kind of environment do you want for your next job?
  • What benefits does the new company provide? When you’re hired by a new company, especially a large organization, you can expect some new benefits to incentivize you to make a big career change. These benefits can range from salary to work/life balance so evaluate them based on your priorities.
  • What are your long term goals? There are major differences between the career track of someone who works for a small IT firm and someone who works for a larger corporation. Do you want to be a manager? Do you want to be hands on? Do you like coding or do you prefer to develop ideas? Determine your goals to see which environment is better for you.
  • What is management like? Of course, whether you’re on a path to management or not you will have to interact with other managers in your company. In a larger company you may never even meet the VP or CIO so it is important to understand the chain of management and your position within it.
  • How much control do you have over your work? Do you like to follow procedures to complete your daily tasks or do you prefer to take control over all aspects and simply return with results? Small and large companies deal with these things differently, and different large companies may also have varied expectations.

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