Overwhelmed by the Hiring Process?
We offer these Simple Tips to help you along!

At VincentBenjamin, we work with thousands of hiring managers and the same question haunts each one of them… “What if I hire the wrong person for the job?” It can be extremely difficult to gauge how a potential employee will perform in a role based solely on how they perform in an interview, and hiring mistakes are costly!

To increase your odds of making the right hire, we guide our clients with five simple tips…

1) Define the Job in Plain Language

Too often, formal job descriptions read like dictionaries and the essence of the role is lost in an endless list of duties and requirements. While we encourage creating formal job descriptions, we recommend that our clients go one step further (or back) to distill the role down into 3 areas of responsibility and 3 “must have” requirements. Referencing this simple list throughout the hiring process will keep you and the potential candidate from missing the forest for the trees.

2) Treat Candidates like Customers

During the interview process, it’s tempting to treat potential employees like impersonal applicants, often in an alienating and presumptive manner.  This not only gets you off on the wrong foot with your potential new hire, it will damage your organization’s hiring brand.   Regard candidates in your staff recruitment process like customers, and remember that the best candidates will be interviewing you just as much as you’re interviewing them.  Regardless of the outcome, provide a follow-up or closure.

3) Check Candidates’ Compatibility

It is important to find an employee who is compatible with your company’s culture. Make sure the candidate possesses a personality that will fit with the social environment.  Adaptability is another vital skill a candidate must have. If a candidate seems like he or she will not get along with other employees or clients, do not hire this person. Amicability supersedes any skill.

4) Limit the Amount of Interviews

Scheduling unnecessary interviews can waste both the candidate’s time and your team’s productivity. Reduce the number of interviews to job seekers who best fit the requirements. Another option is to identify flexible people within your company who may be interested in taking other roles outside their fields of expertise.

5) Act Quickly and Efficiently

When you think you have found the right candidate, move quickly. Some companies make the mistake of waiting until they have seen several candidate options before making a definitive decision. You’ve heard the business expression, “time kills all deals”.  The hiring process is no different.  When you find the right person, finalize the process before he or she accepts another offer.

Still overwhelmed by the hiring process?

VincentBenjamin has the knowledge and experience to help you make the right hire. Our expert IT recruiters and finance recruiters are capable of building your team with top talent. Contact us at one of our locations in PhoenixOrange County, Los Angeles or Denver.

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