How a Staffing Firm Can Help You Find Your Next Accounting Superstar

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When you need to hire a new employee for an accounting position, you may wonder if using a staffing firm is a good idea. Since the cost of hiring a single worker can exceed $40,000, finding a way to minimize your recruiting costs is a sound business decision.

Activities like advertising a vacancy, screening applicants and interviewing candidates often cost you valuable time as well as money. Often, having your own recruiter on staff is costly as well, and it isn’t a viable option for many small or midsize companies.

Working with a staffing firm can be a cost-effective alternative. Additionally, these firms can often find you a highly skilled accounting professional more quickly. If you are wondering how a staffing firm can help you find your next accounting superstar, here’s what you need to know.

Higher-Quality Candidates

Staffing firms focus on filling jobs, not interview slots. While they may refer fewer accounting candidates, those that are sent your way tend to be higher caliber and better equipped to meet your needs.

Staffing firms are adept at locating the precise talent you need based on your stated requirements. Not only will they examine the job seeker’s accounting capabilities, but also how well they will fit into your culture. They will assess the candidate’s soft skills and technical abilities, aiming to find the right fit as quickly as possible.

Screening candidates is part of the service that staffing firm’s offer. Along with skills assessment, they can handle other requirements like background checks, reference checks and more. Those who are referred for interviews have already been screened based on your criteria, saving you a substantial amount of time, energy and money.

Flexible Hiring Options

Staffing firms have a variety of services available that can align with a range of hiring needs. Along with temporary accounting workers, they can also find candidates for long-term, permanent positions.

Short-term contractors are ideal for handling specific needs, like vacation coverage or seasonal peaks. The accounting professional remains on the staffing firm’s payroll while on assignment with you, reducing your administrative burden and reducing both cost and risk.

With the direct hire program, you can secure candidates looking for long-term opportunities. You still get the benefit of the staffing firm’s recruitment and screening services, but can easily bring the selected accounting professional directly onto your payroll.

Additionally, many staffing firms give you the ability to offer a permanent position to a contractor. If a short-term worker exceeds your expectations and you would like to keep them on, there are options available for doing just that.

Work With a Top Staffing and Recruitment Firm

Ultimately, working with a staffing firm can be ideal for finding your next accounting superstar, regardless of how long you need them as part of your team. If you are looking for a leading staffing agency, the team at VB wants to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive and flexible recruitment and hiring services and see how our expertise can benefit you.

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