How Do Recruiters Hire for Cultural Fit?

Working with a recruiter can benefit either an employer or a candidate. But in today’s market, many companies are looking for new employees who are an excellent “cultural fit” with their office environment. How does a third party recruiter learn to source employees for an individual client’s cultural fit? How do they determine whether or not a candidate would work out well within a specific corporate culture? Here are some tips from the other side of the recruiting desk to help both employers and candidates see how this process works.

  • Become a staffing partner. The only way for a recruiter to truly understand the particular needs of their clients is simple. They must be much more than simply a vendor. Instead, recruiters who are successful in placing employees who are a good cultural fit know their clients inside and out. They visit the company, get to know other employees, and work hand in hand with the hiring managers to make the right sourcing and hiring decisions.
  • Determine the type of environment. The office itself is a key aspect of corporate culture. A good recruiter will not only ask for a tour of the office, but will visit it regularly to see how everyone interacts and works together. They will know as much as they can about the individual office without actually working there full time. This is critical to passing on accurate information to candidates.
  • Assess how an employee is motivated. To successfully match the candidate to the open job, the recruiter then has to determine how each applicant is motivated while on the job. Not only do they need to understand what kind of background and experience a candidate brings to the table, but their long term goals and what kind of reward system is best for encouraging them to work to their full potential.
  • Match the work style. Once you know each employees work style and motivation, it is important to then match that to the environment. An employee who prefers a casual office environment with little oversight and lots of creative projects will not thrive in an office that prides itself in conservative professionalism and process oriented work. A good recruiter will match personalities as much as experience.
  • Develop processes for success. The right processes will also be crucial for ensuring that everyone’s needs are met. Having a process for discussing newly opened positions to get the right details will be essential for communication. Properly assessing each potential employee for their skills and aptitude will also be necessary to ensure that you’re getting all the right puzzle pieces in place.

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