How Does Gratitude Impact Your Workplace?

This time a year, as we begin to reflect on thankfulness and prepare to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family, we often neglect the role of gratitude in our everyday lives. Expressing thanks shouldn’t be relegated to a single day of the year. And specifically, gratitude should be cultivated within the workplace to improve corporate culture, teamwork, and the quality of service. This week, as you get ready to eat turkey and watch football on Thursday, consider the role of thankfulness in your workplace and how you can be more thankful every day.

  • Say the words. The simplest thing you can do to transform your place of employment is to say the words “Thank You” whenever they’re deserved. When we have the belief that something is expected, we forget to be grateful for the services provided every day. Don’t forget to say thank you for everything that happens around you.
  • Pay it forward. The concept of paying it forward emerged several years ago and now the movement is celebrated with an international day, in April, to literally do good deeds for others without being asked. But paying it forward has repercussions all year long, and it can become part of your company’s language of gratitude.
  • Watch it spread. Thankfulness is contagious. And you want to encourage it to spread throughout your business. When you say thankful to your bosses or employees, you’ll start to notice coworkers begin to acknowledge each other’s contributions as well. It will spread like wildfire in a way that will make an impact on the positivity and production of your office.
  • Be unexpected. In truth, it is the little gestures that will be most important to creating a culture of gratitude in your workplace. But there may be times when bigger surprises will help facilitate the feeling of thankfulness. Throw a party. Send a thank you note to your staff’s homes. Do something completely unexpected that will show your team how thankful you are for them. This will boost morale and motivation and continue to spread through your business.

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