How Happy is Your Workplace?

The most successful companies know that the key to prosperity is employee engagement. Employees who are dissatisfied with their work situations are not as likely to contribute their full potential to the jobs and often leave some aspects of their work completely undone. There are far more benefits to keeping your workforce happy than allowing them to go through the motions. Here are some of the ways a happy workforce can benefit your organization.

  • Better productivity. A happy and engaged team is a more productive team. Where is the proof? Look at companies like Google and Zappos, which are both known for creating environments that makes their employees happy. If an employee dreads coming to the office every day, outside of the occasional bad mood, they won’t put their full effort into their day-to-day work. By focusing on their happiness you can create a corporate culture that thrives on enjoyment and fulfilment.
  • Better retention. For the same reason, a happy workforce is also a more loyal workforce. If they know they have a happy and engaging situation with your company they are far less likely to feel restless and be interested in moving on. To ensure this, provide ample opportunities for career development and personal growth. When your employees are loyal to you, it is important that you are also loyal to them. This then becomes reflected in your customer values as well.
  • Better business growth. And, as all three aspects come together, a loyal employee base will quickly lead to a loyal customer base. When your organization is known for being happy and treating employees well, this will be passed on to the consumer. This will instill confidence in your clients and customers who, in turn, will continue to speak positively about their experience with your organization and individual team members.

Do you see the value in making your employees happy on the job? VincentBenjamin can help you hire great talent to add to your already fantastic team. Contact one of our recruiters located in Orange County, Los Angeles, Phoenix or Denver to learn more. 

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