How Temporary Work can Kick-Start Your IT Career

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Far too often new job candidates are told that they need 1 to 5 years’ experience for even an entry level job. But how can it be possible to get experience if no one will hire you without experience? This process can be infuriating for job seekers who just want to be given a chance to show what they can do in a real job environment. One of the most overlooked ways to gain experience while working is to take temporary assignments. Here are a few ways temp work can help you kick start your career.

  • Take project work. Temporary staffing services are always looking for individuals who can accept short term projects for their clients. Find services that specialize in IT and apply with them. Be flexible on schedule and project scope. The more experience you can get working these projects the better your resume will look.
  • Try new things. Temporary work will also give you an idea of what you really do and don’t like in a work environment. Not only can you try different aspects of IT such as help desk or programming but you’ll see a variety of office cultures. You can use this information to inform your choices later on.
  • Highlight your skills. Temporary staffing agencies are not immune to the same pressures of traditional corporations. In fact, all of the requirements for jobs are established by their clients so they may have little leeway. However, if you position your education and volunteering experience the right way you will have a better chance at the assignment than by blindly submitting your resume to a job posting. The recruiter is in your corner.
  • Temp to hire opportunities. Don’t forget that short term assignments aren’t the only option with a staffing agency. In fact, temporary jobs can turn into long term opportunities with the right company. Always treat the assignment like you would a permanent position, maintain professionalism, and do an outstanding job. Clients are looking for reliable, talented people to add to their staff and hiring former temps is a great way to do that.

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