How to Adjust to a New Boss

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What happens when there is a shift in management within your organization? Getting a new boss can feel overwhelming. You need to learn an entirely new management style and who knows if it will be a match with your current team dynamics. When someone new takes over the role of boss in your company or department, what is the best way to be sure you can adapt quickly and seamlessly? Here are 5 tips to get you started off on the right foot with this new manager.

  1. Demonstrate your dedication. If you want to impress your new boss, make sure you demonstrate how dedicated you are to your job, your department and your company. Now is the time to eliminate any bad habits such as arriving late to work or procrastinating on major deadlines. You want to show your new boss that you are a go-to resource for your company and that you’re willing to do what it takes to achieve success.
  2. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. Your new boss has a learning curve, too. And there may be times when you find yourself needing to defend certain practices or actions. Don’t be afraid to stick up for something you believe in. Intervene when you see something. Don’t be passive about changes that may negatively impact your performance or your coworkers. Your new boss will appreciate your passion, but only if you can make a strong case for your reasons.
  3. Be willing to make improvements. Since you don’t have an established history with this boss, the ownership is on you to show how you can evolve in your career. While you should stand up for yourself, you shouldn’t also be slavishly stubborn. Show that you’re willing to improve personally, professionally, and within the industry. Be prepared to bring new, innovative ideas to the table.
  4. Provide credit when it’s due. Don’t forget that you’re a member of a team, so be sure to give credit to others when success is achieved. Hogging the spotlight or taking credit for work that isn’t yours can backfire in the long term, even if your goal is to impress the new boss. Instead, a good leader recognizes that everyone has made a contribution, and your new manager will certainly notice when the balance is off.
  5. Remain positive and engaged. Regardless of how you feel inwardly about this change, be sure to remain positive in your interactions. Negative energy is contagious, and it will quickly spread throughout your department. Be a good example and remain positive on the job, stay engaged with what you’re doing, and find ways to contribute. If you do have concerns, take time to talk to the new manager for a positive resolution.

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