How to Attract (and Keep) the Best Accounting Clients

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As an independent consultant, a CPA often has the opportunity to select their own client base. A CPA may work for a firm but they may also work for themselves. In either case, the accountant is the one making the decisions about the types of clients they work with and for. It is important to remember, if you are an independent contractor, that you are your own manager. You do want to provide them the best services possible to your clients but the relationship should be a give and take. So how do you know which clients to choose? Here are a few handy tips.

  1. Value your services. There are many clients who will feel the need to nickel and dime your business. However, the old adage applies: “You get what you pay for.” It is perfectly fine to adjust the billing amount depending on the client and their business model, but don’t allow them to talk you into something below your industry standard or what you need to not only break-even but make a living. If they don’t value your services they are not likely to value you or the work you provide.
  2. No micromanagers. As an independent contractor your client cannot dictate how or when you perform the work they need completed as long as it is satisfactorily performed. If a client is micromanaging your every move they may wish to consider hiring an internal accountant rather than a self-employed CPA. For more on the differences between employee and contractor you can review these guidelines from the IRS.
  3. Trust referrals and recommendations. Your best clients are your best clients for a reason. Always let them know you’re still looking for good companies just like them to work with. You will get some good advertising by the word of mouth from your satisfied clients. Treat their referrals just like you treat them. Keep in mind, sometimes good potential clients are simply looking for something other than the services you can provide. It is okay to let them know you’re not their best resource.
  4. Good onboarding systems. Finally, it is extremely important to establish good systems for adding a client to your roster. There will be things about your business that you will need to learn and you may not be able to hit the ground running. Be honest about the time it may take to establish the right level of services. They will appreciate your honesty and be able to work with you to get things going.

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