How to Avoid These Job Search Nightmares

Boo!  Did we scare you? With Halloween right around the corner, you may be spending your nights enjoying all kinds of spooky fun in your community. But there are some nightmares you want to avoid, especially if you’re currently unemployed. If you’re looking for a new job, how can you make sure that you avoid the nightmares that can make you lose sleep at night. Here are some ways you can avoid job search nightmares this Halloween season.

  • Practice interviewing. Have you ever left an interview wishing you hadn’t said something? Most of us have. It can be embarrassing or frustrating, but there are ways to reduce the potential for an accidental gaffe while meeting with a potential employer. Before your next interview, practice. Ask a friend or family member to help. Review some of the most frequently asked interview questions. And learn how to tell a story, not just answer a question.
  • Control online branding. One of the biggest nightmares for the modern job seeker is losing out on an opportunity because of some skeleton in your social media closet. Companies are reviewing public social media content before extending offers, so make sure they don’t find anything that could make them decide you’re not a fit. Lock down your privacy measures and avoid posting content that could be controversial or embarrassing.
  • Focus on networking. For many people, networking is the nightmare they want to avoid. But it isn’t something you can skip. The more people you meet, the more possible opportunities you can have. Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone a couple of times a month. Attend an industry event. Or go to that neighborhood Halloween party in costume to help break the ice. You never know where the next job offer will come from.
  • Learn to negotiate. Accepting a job can be just as terrifying as searching for one. Negotiating salary is troublesome for most people because no one wants to talk about money. Many job seekers have accepted positions with lower pay than they prefer simply because they don’t know how to ask for what they want. Know the lowest salary you will accept and be prepared to walk away if the company isn’t willing to meet you somewhere fair.
  • Watch for red flags. Just like the first victim in a horror movie, many of us don’t trust our gut. There may be red flags that you’re ignoring, which could turn out to be a real nightmare down the line. If a potential employer is too negative, doesn’t give enough details, or talks too much about themselves, you may want to be wary. If you’re asked to do anything unreasonable, or unethical, it is also time to walk away. That kind of behavior usually doesn’t stop after the interviewing process.

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