How to Build Great Relationships in Your Contract Accounting Position

With tax season in full swing, many accounting professionals take on short-term contract positions to help further their careers and pad their bank accounts. But working in a role that comes with an expiration date can make forging meaningful connections challenging, even if they would be valuable.

Luckily, there are ways to maximize your experience while working in a contract accounting position, allowing you to network effectively and develop strong relationships that can help you forward your career. If you are interested in making the most of your opportunity, here are some tips on how to network like a pro.

Strive to Always Exceed Expectations

When you work in a traditional permanent job, you often have some leeway regarding performance. As long as you meet expectations, you’ll likely be fine, and can use the length of your stay to build great relationships.

However, if you are in a short-term role, you don’t have the luxury of being mediocre if you want to make a positive impression. After all, who wants to keep up with the contract worker who was just sufficient in their role, doing the bare minimum to keep their position.

Instead, you need to always present your best work and go the extra mile to impress. This shows both managers and co-workers what you are capable of, making it more likely they will happily extol your virtues, should you need a reference, or consider you when a permanent position becomes available.

Make Relationship Building a Priority

In a permanent job, networking is practically a side effect of longevity. Over time, you simply get to know everyone naturally, often without any special effort.

When you are working in a contract position, the clock is automatically ticking. This means you need to focus on building relationships, if you want to make lasting connections.

Often, you can start by getting to know the people you work closely with, and by introducing yourself to anyone who has a moment. Ask them questions and share information about yourself, both professional and (appropriately) personal. This allows you to build rapport, making it easier to forge a relationship that will last beyond the duration of your contract.

Identify Methods to Keep in Touch

As you get to know your co-workers and managers, don’t be afraid to broach the idea of keeping in touch well before your contract ends. This can include exchanging email addresses, connecting on social media or agreeing to meet at the next industry conference you both plan to attend.

By arranging these connections in advance, you can have them in place well before your exit. Then, when your contract does end, touch base on occasion, see how the company is doing, and maintain an interest in their activities. This keeps the dialog flowing and increases the odds your name will come to mind if they happen to spot a new opportunity that could suit you.

Ultimately, it is possible to build strong and lasting relationships while you are in a contact accounting position, so don’t bypass the opportunity simply because your time with them is finite.

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