How to Determine If a Financial Planning Career is Right for You

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You’re good with numbers and you like to help people. Becoming a financial planner seems like a great idea. But do you know whether or not it will be the right career path for you? How do you learn more about financial planning before jumping in with both feet? Finding a mentor who can walk you through the steps can be helpful at the beginning but before that, ask yourself these 4 questions and see if it is right for you.

  1. Do you have the education required? There isn’t one right path to becoming a financial planner but most employers seek out candidates with a certain backgrounds. Degrees in accounting, finance, business, math, law, or economics are all common. Learning about investments, estate planning, and risk management will also help your career.
  2. Are jobs available in your area? Before you decide if this job is right for you it is important that you know if there is a market in your area. Most financial planners will work for finance or insurance companies. Others are self-employed, which opens new possibilities but adds different dynamics to the role.
  3. Have you done sales before? Most people don’t think beyond the numbers when it comes to picking financial planning for a job. Sales is extremely important as many planners are responsible for bringing in their own clients. It is helpful to be outgoing and interested in making connections. If you prefer to be behind the scenes other aspects of accounting may be better suited to you.
  4. How much money do you want to make? Most financial planners don’t work for a salary. They are paid by the clients and sometimes make commission. Do you prefer to have a steady paycheck? Then working as a financial planner may not be right. But if you’re comfortable with contract work you can make good money. Check websites like, Glass Door, and Indeed to see what financial planners earn in your city.

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