How to Dominate Your Job Search (Confidence Myths Debunked)

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Could a lack of confidence, or the wrong kind of confidence, be holding you back on the job search? It turns out that what we know about confidence may not be entirely accurate. Before you continue your hunt for the next stage in your career here are a few things you should keep in mind that could help you land your next job opportunity.

  • Either you have it or you don’t. Many people believe that you have to be born confident and that it isn’t something that you can fake. Both of these are patently untrue. Confidence is something you can learn and, in fact, something you can fake very well. The most important thing you can do is keep a positive attitude when speaking to others.
  • Confidence is about success. In fact, confidence is more about attitude than anything else. Many people believe that confidence is about success. You don’t have to prove that you’ve achieved world peace or developed a smart phone app to showcase your own accomplishments. Look at what you have done and be proud about those things.
  • Confidence is an extrovert trait. Some people also believe that only extroverts can be confident. Introverts have as much to be proud of as anyone else, but they sometimes have a harder time showing it. Then, there is the middle classification of the ambivert: someone who craves both social interaction and solitude. Everyone can have confidence.
  • There is no such thing as self-doubt. Even the most confident people have moments of self-doubt. It is completely okay to have second thoughts, second guess your choices, and feel down. In fact, it is important to embrace these so you can learn from them. The key is to know when to acknowledge these feelings and when to exude confidence.
  • Confidence is about risks. People also believe that confident professionals are risk takers. Some are but that doesn’t mean everyone has to be. You don’t have to jump off a cliff to be confident, you just have to assess your risks and decide which are important for your career. Confidence isn’t a specific way of life, it is a behavior.

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