How to Kick-Off Your IT Career

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Information Technology is still a great industry to break into. Technology changes so quickly that people with the most up to date skills are considered quickly for jobs. However, without any real world experience some job seekers find that they are not being hired for these opportunities. So, how can you break into IT with beginner’s experience? Here are some ideas to get you started with your IT career.

  • Get certified. Along with experience, companies look for certifications and education in the skills for which they are hiring. Especially if you are self-taught, which is common in IT, you should back up your knowledge with a certification. Look into your specializations and you are likely to find easy to access online certification tests or local schools which offer them on campus.
  • Find a mentor. One of the best ways to learn what it takes to be successful in any career is to develop a relationship with a mentor. Connect to someone in your community who does what it is that you are looking to do. You can meet with them to learn about their experience and bounce ideas off of them. You may also be able to learn from their mistakes. They can become your go to professional resource.
  • Create an online portfolio. Next, establish yourself online. Buy your own domain name to ensure no one else can use it. Create a website to showcase your knowledge. Have a blog where you can write about what you know to demonstrate that you are an expert in your field. Make sure to develop your online brand by having a presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.
  • Take temp jobs. Finally, get some real experience by working with a staffing agency. You can take short term jobs that can help you develop your resume. If you’re concerned that too many short term jobs will make you look like a job hopper group them together on your resume under the heading of “Contract IT Positions.”

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