How to Manage Stress on the Job: 5 Tips from Top Executives

It isn’t that successful executives don’t feel stress. In fact, the pressures of their jobs can be quite overwhelming sometimes. But time and time again, CEOs demonstrate grace under fire and the rest of us could learn from their examples. So how do top execs fend off stress at work? Here are some lessons we can apply to our careers.

  1. Delegate tasks. Good leaders understand the value of hiring the best employees to work for them. More importantly, they trust these people to handle the delegated tasks without the threat of micromanagement. Regardless of your position, you can create a team around you who can help you divide tasks so everyone is less stressed and more successful.
  2. Continued learning. It may sound strange that adding more work to your already overloaded work schedule would be effective, but it is. Top leaders keep learning because when they stop is when they become complacent about their careers and their futures. If you continue to engage yourself with new concepts and ideas, you can remain active in your career for a long time.
  3. Get away. Successful CEOs know how to take a break. Not just a trip to the water cooler, but a real break. Intersperse small breaks throughout your work day. And don’t be afraid to take your vacation time. So many people avoid PTO time because they’re afraid the company will find them expendable. The truth is, with time out of the office you’re better able to remain focused and innovative on the job.
  4. Seek a mentor. Successful executives don’t live in a vacuum. They have created a network of people who help them along the way. Find a mentor who can talk through your plans and ideas for the future. You can learn from their experience, and mistakes. They will become an accountability partner to help you move forward when you’re feeling particularly stressed at work.
  5. Practice gratitude. Finally, good leaders understand the value of saying “Thank you.” They say that it isn’t happy people who are thankful, but thankful people who are happy. You’ll be surprised how gratitude can affect your mood in a positive way. Being grateful is also contagious, so that positivity quickly spreads and overshadows any negative feelings within the office.

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