The 4 Keys to a Killer IT Resume


Are you in the market for a new information technology job? While there is a lot of specialized information IT professionals need to provide in their resume there are a few simple steps you can follow to create a document interesting to the hiring professionals who guard the gates of employment.

Here are 4 easy steps to creating a killer IT resume that will get noticed.

  1. Concentrate on your layout. The best resumes are easy to read. Keep in mind the placement of your contact information, how you separate details, and short sentences or bullets. Keep the most important information near the top where it can be spotted immediately and will peak the recruiter’s interest.
  2. Focus on accomplishments. There was a time when resumes were a laundry list of your past job duties. This is no longer what recruiters are looking for. They want to see how you can benefit their company in the long term. Demonstrate how you provided value by including as much hard data as possible, including numbers.
  3. Keep your skills up to date. If you’ve been in the market for a while you may want to consider ways to update your resume to show that you have continued to maintain your experience. You may want to take additional classes that can boost your career or consider working on open source projects. This is information you can include on your resume to show that you have kept active.
  4. Don’t forget the cover letter. For years job seekers have become complacent about cover letters. Today, with the use of email for submitting resumes, people will often write a two or three line introduction without paying much attention to the message. A cover letter is your original marketing document and a chance for you to let the potential employer know why they should consider you for their open job.

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