Tips for Writing Eye-Catching LinkedIn Headlines for Tech

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LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for job seekers. However, it will only help you achieve positive results if your profile is well-crafted. Having an eye-catching LinkedIn headline is an essential part of the equation, increasing the odds that you’ll draw in a hiring manager and encourage them to read more.

Writing a strong headline isn’t necessarily challenging as long as you know how to approach it. Plus, it usually only takes a minute or two to create a captivating one. If you need an impressive LinkedIn headline for tech, here’s how to get started.

Look Beyond Your Job Title and Current Employer

As a default, LinkedIn uses your current job title and company as your headline, which is an incredibly boring option. While including these details isn’t bad, you have to punch it up if you want to catch a hiring manager’s attention.

An ideal LinkedIn headline communicates much more than the default option does. It can speak to your expertise, field, in-demand skills or anything else that sets you apart from the pack. Don’t assume you need to keep any aspect of the auto-created headline, as it is not a requirement. Consider what makes you special and use that as a guide.

Highlight Your Specialty

If you focus in a niche beyond your job category, consider showcasing it in your headline. For example, “Software Engineer” can be a bit bland and generic. However, “Java Engineer,” “Ruby on the Rails Engineer” or something similar has a bigger impact.

For those who want to stay in their specialty area, highlighting it in your headline is a smart move.

Include the Job You Want

Sometimes, you may be better off including the job you want instead of what you are known for today. This is true for anyone transitioning into the tech field, looking for their first tech job or seeking out opportunities in a different specialty.

While you don’t want to suggest you are working in that role today (as that would be dishonest), that doesn’t mean you can’t include the title for your ideal next position. For example, listing “Future [Job Title]” could be a great approach. Alternatively, you could highlight some relevant skills and add the phrase “Seeking New [Job Title] Opportunity” to show you are exploring a particular aspect of the job market.

Showcase Your Results

Quantifiable achievements provide hiring managers with valuable context regarding what you have to offer. By highlighting a relevant accomplishment in your headline and quantifying the information, you can put your capabilities on display in a meaningful way.

Just keep in mind the headline isn’t meant to be lengthy, so you’ll need to be concise. For instance, if you want to squeeze in an accomplishment, something like “Boosting Customer Satisfaction as a UX Designer at [Company]” could work as long as you can quantify that point in another portion of your profile.

By following the tips above, you can craft an eye-catching LinkedIn headline in just a few minutes. If you’d like to know more, the skilled staff at VB can help. Contact us to speak with a member of our experienced team today and see how our LinkedIn profile creation expertise can benefit you.

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