Information Technology and The Law

You may not be thinking about it as you begin your Information Technology career, but the law and IT often go hand in hand. There are so many aspects of technology that are still very misunderstood, even by the people who use these tools the most. If you’re looking for a niche to create an IT career, you may consider learning a little about technology law, even without spending thousands of dollars a year on law school. Here are some aspects of IT and the law that might be interesting to learn more about in your career.

  • Internet law. The single thing that makes technology law different from almost every other aspect of U.S. law is the geographical nature of the service and the political boundaries that it crosses. In this way, the internet has needed to develop some self-governing rules to ensure that everyone using the web adheres to common ideals of decency and the law.
  • Net neutrality. One of the aspects of internet law that has become a big issue over the last several years is net neutrality. With all of the avenues information takes to get from one location to another, the way it is governed affects a number of different jurisdictions very differently. Regulating the infrastructure of the internet has been a challenge for many governments, and it is still being determined in many places.
  • Free speech. Many cases have surfaced that challenge whether or not communication on the internet has the same protections as free speech under the United States constitution. Why? Because, not every government has the same qualifications for what is considered free speech. Should internet communication be protected in the same way as other types of media and what happens when it crosses international boundaries?
  • Internet censorship. Censorship of information on the internet has been observed in many countries, with China being the most obvious example. This is begging the question whether or not governments can restrict access to information along with restricting what individuals are able to say in public forums. While the United States isn’t likely to institute internet censorship, the global nature of digital information means it can impact our country as well.

There are needs in many organizations for professionals who understand all aspects of information technology and the law. Are you looking for an opportunity in IT? We have IT recruiters located in Phoenix, Orange County, Los Angeles and Denver, so call us today! 

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