Is Contract Accounting Right for You?

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If you’re in the market for a new accounting job, have you considered the path of a contract job? As you begin the process of applying for your next position, you may want to consider the idea of working as a contract accountant. Many people don’t think about these opportunities or are concerned about the stability, but there are a lot of reasons that a contract job may be a good fit, even long term. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why contract accounting may be right for you.

  • Additional part time work. Working as a contractor can give you the option of keeping your current full time job as you explore other avenues to determine what’s right for you. Quitting your current job can cause uncertainty until you know a new position will be a good long-term fit for your career. But contracting allows you to try new things why keeping the security of your current position.
  • Earning extra income. Working contract can also allow you to earn extra money, especially at the beginning of the year when additional accounting help is needed for tax season. You can work additional hours in conjunction with your current job or explore full-time contracting opportunities. The additional income is always welcome.
  • Get to know the job. When working on a contract basis, you can get to know a company before committing to a full time position. Of course, the company is also evaluating you and how well you fit in their organization. For a contract-to-hire job, you both get to “try before you buy” in a sense. And there is no harm if it doesn’t work out, you can simply move to the next opportunity.
  • Accounting in high demand. If you’re looking for contracting jobs, look at the aspects of the industry that are in the highest demand. You can do plenty of short-term contracting from January to April, but there are opportunities throughout the year. But other positions like bookkeeping, small business consulting, and more are always in demand, so you can find an opportunity any time of the year.
  • Partnering with a financial recruiter. The best way to uncover new positions in contract accounting is to work with a recruiter who specializes in the financial industries. Building a relationship with a recruiter will allow you to be at the top of the list for the best positions that become available. They can work with you to find both short term and contract-to-hire positions that can make you successful.

Do you think contract accounting could be right for you? VincentBenjamin specializes in financial placements and we have accounting recruiters located in Phoenix, Orange County, Los Angeles and Denver.

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