Is Seasonal Work Right For You?

It’s December, and that means the Holidays are on their way. If you’re not working, you might be considering short term assignments for the month of December. But how do you know if seasonal work is right for you? Here are some things to consider before reaching out to an agency or accepting that temp job this December.

  • Your schedule and availability. Before you apply for a short term project during the month of December, make sure your calendar is clear. Unless the projects are only a few days or a week long at a time, it won’t serve you or the client company if you need to take time off in the middle of the project to travel for the holidays. If you’re available throughout the month of December, seasonal work can be a good fit.
  • A resume builder. Staying busy, especially with short term work in your field, can be a great way to keep your resume up to date. It demonstrates your commitment to your career, gives you the ability to update your experience and even learn new skills. It can also keep you from falling into the dreaded resume gap.
  • Extra money for the holidays. Maybe a short term project is just what you need to save up a few extra bucks to buy those gifts for your friends and family. Many people are more flexible regarding the type of work they’re willing to do if it is just for a short term basis. Consider how seasonal work can positively impact your finances for the holidays.
  • Long term potential. Of course, a seasonal assignment doesn’t have to end. While many seasonal jobs will end with the project, it is also a good way to demonstrate your worth to a potential company. If they are impressed with your contribution, they may extend your assignment or consider you for a full time role. But you’ll never know if you’re not willing to accept short term work.

Are you considering a seasonal job this December? We have recruiting offices located in Phoenix, Denver, Los Angeles and Orange County, so contact us to see what’s available this holiday season.