Is Social Media the Future of Job Hunting?

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It seems like you can’t escape social media these days. Some people reject the idea because they believe that online communication is not authentic but there is certainly a time and a place for it. The rest of us are logging on to Facebook regularly to check on friends and family throughout the day. As it turns out, one of the biggest trends in social media is online job searching. We already know that LinkedIn is intended to connect professionals, but Facebook and Twitter are useful tools as well. Here is a quick look at the future of job hunting with social media.

  • Updated resume content. LinkedIn is a great resource to connect with others in your industry and search for companies and open jobs. However, it has another important function. It has created the possibility to continuously update resume information. In the past, people would ignore their resume until they found themselves in the job hunt again. This meant recreating entire sections of information. Concepts got lost in the shuffle and resumes were non-dynamic. However, LinkedIn gives people an opportunity to update their profiles regularly and are encourage doing so with every professional accomplishment.
  • Social interaction. The best aspect of Facebook and Twitter when it comes to online job searching is getting involved with the company’s online presence. This becomes an active and targeted job search. You know about the company’s brand and culture and can determine how you fit into the organization. When you apply to an open job or send your resume it won’t be a blind application that will get lost in a black hole, you can stand out by using the company’s own information to your advantage.
  • Real time job posts. The old, online job boards were tricky to navigate. If a job was a week or two out of date it still appeared on the page, but sending a resume would be futile. With searchable hashtags on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook you can find real time job updates from companies and recruiters. Search terms that are appropriate for your career such as #accountant and #phoenix. You’ll see posts made by companies in the last day and can find out how to apply directly.

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