IT and Marketing: Unlikely Partnership or Perfect Match?

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Information Technology is not an insulated industry. In today’s hyper connected world, IT departments need to work in partnership with other aspects of 21st century businesses to provide the best services internally and for clients. We want to look at the relationship between IT and Marketing and how they interact to drive business.

Calculated reserve versus full speed ahead

Business stereotypes still exist and almost all of them have some grain of truth. IT is often a behind the scenes enterprise made up of techie introverts while marketing is demonstrative, customer facing, and extroverted to an extreme. This can mean that the departments that often rely on each other to conduct business can easily butt heads over the ways to achieve the same goals.

Information technology is often about weight the options and choosing calculated paths to the end goal. There are usually specific tools and functions that get IT from point A to point B. Marketing, on the other hand, is all about making promises to clients to acquire new business and frequently these things don’t line up.

However, in order to drive business IT needs marketing to do what they do and vice versa.

Learning from each other

The best solutions for working together is for IT and marketing departments to take a step back from their own experiences and spend time walking in one another’s shoes. For IT professionals to learn to be a little more bold and for marketing to learn when and why to be reserved can help focus on growing the right business the right ways.

This direction needs to come from the top down. Marketing and IT managers, even as high up as the CIO and CMO, need to work together toward the common goal. Teaching collaboration and cooperation will be important. The good news is that many incoming millennial employees are already hardwired to work this way so the process will become easier over the next several years.

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