IT Specialist or Generalist: Which is Right for Your Career?

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When deciding the path for your IT career how do you know what is right for you? Specialization will allow you to narrowly focus while generalization gives you an opportunity to touch a variety of aspects of information technology. Before to start looking for your first job you need to decide your ultimate goals and how these jobs can get you on the right track. Here is a closer look at generalist versus specialist work and what they mean for you.


  • You have a variety of opportunities. A generalist is often able to pitch in on any project within their organization. Because you know how to do a lot of things really well your employer won’t struggle finding a place for you even as things evolve.
  • You learn new things. One of the primary reasons for wanting to generalize is because you have a strong thirst for knowledge. You want and have the capacity to learn new things all the time and you can apply them to your career.
  • You may have more flexibility. When looking for a new job you will also have more flexibility in the types of positions that you take. If the industry changes dramatically you are not likely to be left behind.


  • Your skills are desirable for employers. If you specialize you will be able to access certain niche industries that are always in demand. There will not be a lot of competition for your job so employers will incentivize opportunities heavily.
  • You have a clear focus for the future. A specialist also has a clear career path without many obstacles along the way. You know what you want, how you want to do it, and have the skills to follow this track for the long term.
  • You may have unpredictable challenges. The same thing that is a benefit can also become a challenge. If there are changes in the industry that make your specialization less desirable you may need to refocus your skill which will take time and effort.

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