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When it comes to IT, companies generally have access to the same types of technology, however the IT professionals working behind the technology, is what sets your organization apart from the competition.  Unbeknownst to many, Orange County and the Inland Empire have a more diverse tech sector than many US states with well-known tech centers (i.e. Washington, Texas, Massachusetts, etc).  In fact, 16 out of 22 high tech sectors in this region had a higher employment concentration than the national average, and as a result, demand for tech talent is extremely high.

At VincentBenjamin, we understand the dynamics of such a competitive IT environment and our Orange County and Inland Empire IT recruiters are able to help your company get ahead of the competition in the war for talent.  We stay atop of technology industry trends by maintaining and nurturing exceedingly large networks of innovative IT professionals in areas such as mobile enterprise technology, IT security and cloud computing so you have access to the industry’s top IT talent in some of the most innovative disciplines.

We can appreciate that you can’t slow down and spend months searching for the right IT professional; you need top IT talent at your fingertips, ready to step in and start working.  Whether you’re looking to grow your team with direct hire permanent headcount additions, add temporary professionals to manage workload, or hire project consulting experts to help tackle a complex IT initiative, VincentBenjamin’s Orange County and Inland Empire recruiters have the experience and track-record to meet your talent acquisition needs!

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