Make the Most of Mondays

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While we’re often very grateful for Fridays, Mondays can still be a big challenge. If you’re feeling as though you have a perpetual “case of the Mondays,” how can you overcome that sense of dread? You don’t need to spend your weekend worrying about the beginning of your next work week. Just a couple of small lifestyle changes can help you start your week out on a positive note, often with the same energy you feel when Friday is approaching. Here are ideas to help you make the most of your Mondays.

  • Focus on sleep. A poor night’s sleep will definitely affect your week in a negative way. Though you may find yourself outside of your usual routine on Friday and Saturday night, make sure to focus on getting back in the grove on Sunday. Treat bedtime the same way you would on a regular week night. Develop a bedtime routine to help you relax and sleep better. Avoid technology once you’re in bed and keep your bedroom cool and dark.
  • Drink plenty of water. Surprisingly, hydration is often a problem people overlook when it comes to enhancing daily productivity. If you feel thirsty, it’s already too late. Stay on top of your water intake every day, but especially on Monday morning to kick start your week off in a healthy and positive way. And don’t replace water with a lot of sugary or caffeinated drinks. They can give you a boost of energy, but it will only be temporary.
  • Use Friday to plan ahead. Have you ever felt like you’re scrambling to keep up on Monday? But if you look back on Friday, you might notice a pattern of reduced productivity as you count down the minutes to the weekend. If you find yourself scrambling once you’re back in the office, it might make more sense to use your Friday afternoons to plan for Monday. Organize and make a plan so you can start right away when you get back to work.
  • Stay positive. And as simple as it sounds, sometimes the only difference between a good and a bad day is your attitude. Staying positive instead of giving into negativity will be a crucial life skills to cultivate. Looking for the good in all situations and turning frustration into determination are just some of the ways you can face each work week with revived energy. Positivity is contagious, too, so you can help your entire department by staying on the bright side.

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