Not Your Dad’s Accounting Industry: What the Changes Mean for You

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A few decades ago accountants may have had a nerdy reputation. They were bean counters sequestered in the dusty basement halls wearing coke-bottle glasses. They weren’t the flashy, client-facing sales team or the trendy and fashionable executive secretaries. Today, the accounting industry is changing not only its image but the entire industry. Let’s take a quick look at the evolving landscape of accounting.

  1. Accountants are willing to take more risks. In the past, accountants were viewed as the straight laced numbers people in the company. They wanted to keep things organized and accounted for, of course. But today’s accountants understand that business isn’t always so cut and dry. They understand the risk of doing business but also understand the best ways to manage them.
  2. Accountants can help with innovation. Company innovators were often kept far from the accounting team. The creative group was revenue generating while the accountants were part of the operations process. Today, however, there is more interaction between the two. Creative accounting ideas can help shape a business moving forward and take them to the next level.
  3. Accountants should be customer-facing. The stereotype of the accountant with limited people skills has been shattered over the last few years. Today’s accounting professionals are engaged individuals with plenty of personality and can help with the sales and marketing process. If a client can see how financially viable a company or product is the more likely they will be to invest or buy. The accountant can be part of this team.
  4. Accountants are part of the collaborative workplace. With the rise of millennial employees in the workplace many companies are adopting a collaborative style of conducting business. This means that departments aren’t kept apart but rather asked to work together in a holistic fashion to move the business in the right direction. Recent college graduates entering the accounting field already have this mindset and want to work in collaborative environments.
  5. Accountants are flexible for the changing needs. The image of the inflexible accountant buried in spreadsheets is also no longer applicable. They understand the big changes happening in industry around the country and are willing to accept change and adapt strategies to benefit both their own careers and their employer’s overall business. Accountants can take on the role of an important financial advisor.

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