Four Professional Development Opportunities to Offer Your Employees

One of the prominent ways to retain top employees is to provide them access to professional development opportunities to advance their career. The chance to gain new skills and advance in a company is often cited as one of the most desirable benefits a business can offer their workers, so failing to meet this need can cost you.

Luckily, there are a number of ways you can provide such opportunities. If you are interested in providing your staff the ability to advance their careers, here are four approaches to consider.

1. Embrace Technology

Online-based learning is all the rage. It’s quick, cost-effective and highly accessible, giving employees the means to take their own pace and learn when it is convenient for them. Anything from webinars to college-level classes can be suitable options, depending on your program’s goals and what your business can offer.

There are numerous vendors that can provide your staff with access to professional development courses and materials, usually with the ability to track participation and the quality of the results. This gives you some level of oversight and control, ensuring the right coursework is available, based on your and your employees’ needs.

2. Arrange Mentorships

A mentorship can function similarly to any other on-the-job training program, but it focuses on pairing an experienced employee with a less-experienced staff member. The mentor provides instruction and support, and the mentee has the ability to learn from their mentor’s expertise. Plus, it helps promote bonds between team members, which can be beneficial for morale.

3. Pay for Conferences or Workshops

Large conferences and targeted workshops are ideal for professional development. Often, these experiences mimic classroom learning, providing attendees with important information that is pertinent to their field or industry. Nearly any topic can be covered in a conference or workshop, so you are almost guaranteed to find something suitable for your employees to attend.

Conferences also serve as a large-scale networking opportunity by drawing professionals of a certain field from across the nation, providing the chance to learn from peers in a given field and possibly identify new business opportunities.

4. Consider Tuition Assistance

In some cases, nothing can substitute for formal education. However, the cost of going to college can be incredibly high and may be out of the reach of some workers. If you want to encourage them to head to school, consider adding a tuition assistance program.

For example, you could reimburse employees who earn relevant credits from a qualifying institution, offer scholarships to internal personnel, or contribute to repaying their student loans. The same approach can also be used for boot camps, certifications or any other formal learning opportunity that could improve the skill level of your team.

Tuition assistance programs can be especially beneficial if you are battling against skill gaps, as you can give your workers a chance to gain valuable experience in key areas, which ultimately benefits everyone.

Innovative Businesses Find New Ways to Retain Talent

In the current job market, professional development opportunities are viewed as a leading factor for both increasing employee retention and attracting new talent. If you are interested in learning more or are looking to expand your team, the professionals at VincentBenjamin can help. Contact us to speak with one of our skilled talent managers who will help work to fill your recruiting needs.

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