Questioning Your Career Path? Here’s Why Now Is the Best Time to Switch Careers

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For many, COVID-19 had a massive impact on their careers. In some cases, it came in the form of a coronavirus layoff, leading to an unexpected period of unemployment that often spurred doubts about the stability of a person’s field. For others, it met a significant slowdown in their growth opportunities, causing their career to come to a screeching halt.  

In either of those scenarios, it’s normal to question your career path. Certain industries and fields were decimated, and it may take a significant amount of time before they fully recover if they ever do.  

Luckily, now can be a great time to switch careers. Some fields are actually seeing demand rise. Plus, many can be handled remotely, giving you a degree of protection against resurgences. If you are wondering why you should make a career change during the pandemic, here’s what you need to know.  

Hard-Hit Industries May Take Years to Recover  

If you work in a hard-hit industry, it could take a significant amount of time before opportunities return to normal. For example, the travel sector might take years to return to where it was, let alone offer up the possibility of career advancement.  

Additionally, jobs will remain scarce during much of the recovery period. For those that are currently unemployed, waiting for a position may not be an option, particularly if their unemployment benefits are nearing an end.  

Opportunities Are Available  

While some industries were hammered during the pandemic, others weren’t. Certain fields remain in-demand, particularly those that can support remote workforces or those that manage must-handle activities.  

For example, IT personnel are critical parts of the equation for companies looking to remain fully operational while their employees are working from home. Tech pros can implement and support crucial applications that make telecommuting possible, ensuring the entire workforce has access to essential tools, assets, and communication platforms.  

Accounting and finance is also a sector that’s weathering some of the pandemic storm. Companies can’t neglect the financial aspects of their business, for one. Additionally, consumers’ financial needs still need to be managed; a pandemic doesn’t entirely change that.  

Other industries may also remain at least steady, even during these uncertain times. Specific healthcare-related professions are more important now than ever. Additionally, logistics, shipping, and delivery services are vital.  

Choosing the Right Career Path  

Since COVID-19 may stay relevant for longer than many initially expected, it is wise to consider its impacts as you choose a new career. Some industries are still vulnerable and could remain so for a while.  

However, you also need to consider which flourishing industries best align with your capabilities and spark your interest. Being passionate about your career is still important, though you also need to assess your transferable skills, allowing you to see if some paths are more viable or would take less time to join.  

By reviewing your skillset, you can see which options are the easiest to transition into, giving you a starting point if you need to seek out new opportunities quickly. Then, you can fill any gaps, enabling you to pivot your career. 

Work with a Staffing Firm 

Partnering with a staffing firm can be a great way to explore your options. The recruiters can help you assess your current skillset, making it easier to identify your transferable skills and any matching career paths. Plus, they can assist you with updating your resume and honing your interview answers, ensuring that you’re able to present yourself as a viable candidate as you begin your journey in a new field. 

We Can Help You Find the Right Career Path 

If you’d like to learn more about how you can change careers during the pandemic or want to find out about open positions, the team at Vincent Benjamin can help. Contact us today.  


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