Recruiting Insight: Top Tips To Get Hired

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So what are recruiters looking for when they’re sourcing new candidates for their open positions? Obviously some of it comes down to having the right skills and experience, but there is more than that. With all things equal, a recruiter will have to base their decisions on other factors. This leads to an evaluation or soft skills and other personal traits that are appealing for the hiring companies. So how can you demonstrate that you’re the right fit for a new position? Here are some tips to help you get a call back from that recruiter.

  1. Have self-awareness. What makes you a unique candidate? Develop a personal brand to highlight your best qualities. If you possess skills not specifically requested but you know they might be a selling point to the organization, refer to them in your cover letter. Be confident about what you know and let that confidence show.
  2. Put your best foot forward. Create a perfect resume that reflects your personality. Personalize your cover letter for each opportunity. Prepare for interviews so you can speak about your experience in specific reference to their needs. Do your research. Dress professionally.
  3. Market yourself. Presenting yourself as the right candidate for the job is as much about sales and marketing as it is about qualifying for the job. Create a presence on social media, especially LinkedIn. Create a blog to demonstrate that you’re a though leader in your industry. Grow readership by promoting your blog on your social media sites.
  4. Have a service mindset. Even if your top priority is to get a job, don’t make that your primary motivation. Employers don’t want to hire someone just looking for any job, they want to hire someone looking for their job. So tell them what you can do for them. Be of service and solve a problem. You can demonstrate this throughout the search process from networking to resume writing.

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