Follow these Simple Guidelines to ensure
Your Resume gets the attention it deserves!

The two main objectives of the resume

Apart from being a summary of your professional experience and relevant qualifications, a resume is an advertisement of yourself and you should always keep in mind two main objectives when creating a resume.

1) It should highlight your experience and qualifications relevant to the position you are applying for.

2) It should be appealing enough to win an interview with the company you are applying to.

Four fundamentals for creating a good resume

A good resume should ideally be one to two pages long. If your resume is three or more pages long you may want to consider briefing older or irrelevant work experience. A reader’s attention span will start to lapse from the second page onward and shift from reading to scanning.

Presentation and Layout
Good presentation and layout is critical to attract the reader’s attention and create a ‘tangible’ impression. Careful selection of fonts, highlights, borders and bullet points can leave a powerful impression and give you a real advantage in winning an interview. Resumes which are laid out clearly and logically will sustain the reader’s attention and help guide the interview process.

The content of the resume should always be relevant to the position and the company’s needs whenever possible. Adequate but concise explanations of responsibilities and achievements should be provided with more emphasis on recent work experience.

Language and Accuracy
Resumes should be written in non-personal format with appropriate and dynamic business language. All employment dates should be accurate and the resume should be free of grammatical errors. A poorly written resume with spelling or grammatical errors will almost certainly leave an unfavorable impression with the reader.

What to do when you finish your resume

Once you have crafted a well written resume, it is time to start preparing for the job interview. Check out our job interview tips for some expert advice on how to impress during an interview.

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