Set Up Your Contract Hires for Success with Your Onboarding Program

When you bring a new contract worker into your organization, having a reliable and thorough onboarding program ensures they can effectively hit the ground running. It provides a platform for relaying critical information while increasing the new hire’s comfort level.

If you want to put your contract hires in position for success, you need to carefully craft your onboarding process. Here’s how to get started.

Define Your Goals

A robust onboarding program needs to meet specific objectives based on your goals. Often, this includes familiarizing the worker with the environment, going over relevant information, and ensuring they have access to the right equipment, systems or other tools critical for their role.

Consider what the primary takeaways need to be and create a delivery system that sets the proper tone with the new contract hire. Since this is commonly the worker’s first interaction with the company, consider how they will perceive the experience and adjust your approach to make the content both valuable and welcoming.

Focus on Active Engagement

Delivering information lecture-style isn’t very enjoyable in most situations. If you want your onboarding program to shine, focus on active engagement.

Let your new contract hires gain some hands-on learning and engage them with questions along the way. Make the experience conversational, encouraging a back-and-forth dialogue to help everyone learn and ensure they fully grasp the concepts.

Personalize Where Possible

Letting new contract hires personalize portions of their experience can add value to your onboarding program. For example, let them choose how their name appears on a name tag, select a color for their desktop experience, bring in a personal item to display in their workspace, or anything else that helps them gain ownership of their position.

It doesn’t have to be extreme to be effective, so consider small ways to let them add a personal touch, and you’re set.

Ask Questions

When a person is in a new workplace, they may lean towards listening versus opening up. Instead of leaving things to chance, integrate open-ended questions into the experience that encourage them to share.

Alternatively, you can pair them up with a current employee for a one-on-one exchange. The contract worker may be more comfortable communicating with someone they perceive as a peer, making it easier for discussions to flow naturally.

Introduce the Company

While your contract hires may be generally familiar with your organization, taking a moment to stage a formal introduction is a smart addition to any onboarding process. Discuss what makes your business unique, highlight key aspects of the company’s values and mission, and share details about your culture. This helps craft a connection between the worker and the organization, increasing their comfort level and even boosting excitement.

By adding these aspects to your onboarding process, you set your contract hires up for greater success. If you are interested in learning more or are looking to add to your workforce, the professionals at VincentBenjamin can help. Contact us to discuss your organization’s needs today and see how our expertise can benefit you.

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