Should You Have a Creative Resume?

Many jobs experts are suggesting the use of creative resumes. These are out of the box documents visually very different from a traditional chronological resume. The idea is to draw attention to your resume and keep the reader engaged so they will call to learn more. But do you really need a creative resume? When is it appropriate and when isn’t it? And, if you decide to have one, how do you personalize it? Here are some things to consider.

  • How creative is your job? Graphic resumes really emphasize the creative nature of someone’s experience. For that reason, it is a favorite of graphic and web designers looking to show off their visual skills. Does your job have a creative element? If you don’t go all out, you could incorporate some concepts from creative resumes to your more traditional document.
  • Should you have a digital resume? An additional option is to create a digital resume to go along with your traditional paper one. It is always a good idea to buy you own domain name, so if you already have it you may as well put it to use. Create an online resume that you can include as a URL in your signature block or on your paper resume.
  • Where you do draw the line? The biggest issue with a creative resume is where to draw the line. Should it be graphic all the way through or just have elements of creative design. When do you know how much is too much? Look at other examples across the entire spectrum to decide what kind of design fits you and your experience.
  • How will it affect an applicant tracking system? Another thing to consider, that many job seekers don’t, is how a graphic resume will affect the technologies used by recruiters. Most recruiters utilize an applicant tracking system which stores all resume electronically so they can easily search their database when a new position becomes available. If your resume is overly graphic, their text-based system may not be able to import the information properly.
  • What rules are okay to break? Finally, if you decide to go with a non-traditional resume you’ll need to understand what you must include and what you can skip. All resumes must have the right amount of contact information to be effectively. But they don’t need an objective statement. You may also be able to tweak the way you present your experience in a way that isn’t chronological. Play around with some options to find the right blend for you.

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Photo credit: buyalex via Visualhunt / CC BY