Lead By Example in Your Accounting Department

In your role as an accounting manager, you’re responsible for a lot of moving parts within your department. When you’re in charge of enforcing a new policy, procedure, or piece of technology, it is common for your employees avoid change. Your accounting staff is used to their daily processes so they may be resistant to this change. It isn’t because they can’t, but because change represents something challenging they’re not ready to face. How can you get your team to try something new? The best advice is to lead by example, and here’s how.

Can You Tell if Your Team is Overworked?

Are you noticing signs around the office that your team is restless or dissatisfied? They may be exhibiting behavior that demonstrates stress, such as short tempers or excessive sick days. They may be missing important deadlines or unable to work with coworkers effectively. All of these are signs that your staff is overworked. Once you begin to recognize these signs, it’s critical that you step in and do something about it. Here are some tips to help you alleviate stress in the workplace.

Community Involvement and Employee Satisfaction

Do you want to develop cooperative initiatives in your business to encourage your team to become active in the community? Recent studies show that employees, especially millennials, are specifically looking to work with employers who have a community involvement component to their company culture. If you want to develop programs to encourage employee satisfaction, how do you get started? Here are ...

Do You Have a Work from Home Policy in Place?

Working from home is becoming an increasingly popular choice for professionals at all levels. Remote working has a lot of benefits for both employers and employees, but only if done responsibly. It can lower the cost of overhead and allow employees to avoid a commute and be more efficient. Work from home options also increase overall satisfaction. But, it can be a risk if not managed correctly. Do you have a work from home policy in place? Here are several things to consider to make it successful for everyone.

Managing Millennials

Do you really need different management strategies for different generations in the workplace? Millennials may have very different motivational requirements than their Baby Boomer or Gen X counterparts. In fact, the top three issues for younger employees are digital engagement, personal growth, and collaboration. While there are some similarities, it is always helpful to better understand the minds of your team as you work to encourage and engage them. Here are some things to consider.

4 Questions for Hiring a Job Candidate with an Employment Gap

In today’s recovering economy, many companies view an unemployed candidate as a bad hire. To take this one step further, people with significant resume gaps are also not considered for open positions. But is this really true? Is the quality of their experience really lacking because they’ve experienced periods of unemployment. When you’re considering a resume, don’t focus on what they haven’t done. Rather, consider what they have done with the same regard as any other candidate. Here are some things to discuss with a candidate who has a job gap.

Everything You Need to Know About Overtime Changes from the DOL

Early in 2016, the President signed a bill meant to increase the overtime pay for millions of American workers. The new regulation nearly doubles the threshold at which employees of any job title would be able to earn overtime. The current threshold for exempt level employees is at just over $23,000, but the new rule increases it to over $47,000. This allows more employees to qualify for time-and-a-half pay for any hours worked over 40 each week. Is your business ready for the new overtime rules? Here are ways you can prepare for 2017.

4 Management Mistakes You Could Be Making

Leadership skills are just a small part of a management position. And without being a skilled leader, it is difficult to be an effective manager. Are you making mistakes when managing your staff that will be difficult to recover from if they aren’t corrected now? Before you continue down the same path, consider these mistakes and learn how to avoid them and become a better leader.

How Happy is Your Workplace?

The most successful companies know that the key to prosperity is employee engagement. Employees who are dissatisfied with their work situations are not as likely to contribute their full potential to the jobs and often leave some aspects of their work completely undone. There are far more benefits to keeping your workforce happy than allowing them to go through the motions. Here are some of the ways a happy workforce can benefit your organization.

How to Build Your Perfect Team

A strong team in the office could very well be the key to success. As a manager, how do you ensure that your team works well together, can continue to grow and learn, and is empowered to make important decisions at the right times? It starts with hiring the right people but it doesn’t stop there. Strong management means continuously encouraging your employees. Here are some ideas to maintaining a strong team in your business.

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