Take a Break: How Vacation Can Make You a Better Leader

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Fewer than half of all working Americans take all of their allotted vacation time each year. While there are a lot of reasons cited for not taking vacation time most of the excuses center around fear. American workers are afraid they’ll be replaced or when they return there will be retribution for taking time off. They don’t want to appear that they are less committed to their work than others in the office. However, this trend is causing high instances of employee burnout which, in turn, creates bigger problems with production. Employees need to feel comfortable taking their time off and vacation time can actually lead to better performance and leadership skills. Here is a closer look at how time away from the job can actually make you a better leader.

  • Avoid career burnout. When you wake up in the morning do you dread going to work? Or do you spend your time in the office thinking about things you need to do at home? Employee burnout is a major concern for a lot of organizations. Some companies are working hard to ensure that their employees have a better work/life balance, but if not you may have some work do you on your own. Most burnout can be solved by some time away from the office to recharge batteries and get the excitement levels back up again. If not, you may need to make bigger changes in your career.
  • Explore the area outside your comfort zone. Innovation is an important part of solid leadership skills. Studies have shown that people who travel are better at creative thinking than their more stationary counterparts. Shake things up and get out of your routine. Travel to a palace you’ve never been or try something you’ve never done before. A vacation can give you an opportunity to open your mind and when you return your mind will be fresh and full of creative new ideas.
  • Improve your health. Stress in the workplace can contribute to heart disease, hypertension, and stroke. Getting out of the office from time to time may be critical for your overall health. Right now, people who are healthier are more likely to take vacations. Workers who do not take time off can be more stressed about workload or job stability which causes a vicious and unhealthy cycle. Taking that week off to go to the mountains or the beach may be the best thing you can do for your heart.
  • Give your brain a break. Of course stress isn’t just physical. It also affects mental wellbeing. A few years ago a trend started where employees began to use their sick days or personal time off for “mental health days.” Feeling the need to get away from the pressures of the office can give the mind a well-deserved break. When taking time off from the office it is important that you separate yourself entirely. Don’t worry about whether or not the work is getting done in your absence. Don’t call to check in. Give your brain a complete break so you can return refreshed.

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