Tech Trends: The Hottest IT Jobs of 2015

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In the late 1990s it seemed as though Information Technology, specifically the Internet, could do no wrong. The Dot Com Bubble led to wild speculation and the ultimate end to some big name internet commerce companies by the end of 1999. The added panic surrounding Y2K certainly didn’t help matters. It was in the early 2000s that IT switched roles companies viewed it as less of a driver of innovation.

But that was a decade and a half ago. What is the state of information technology today?

During the early 2000s before the recession took hold in 2008, IT departments were considered a necessary maintenance factor. Small, boutique firms popped up who helped to keep the computer systems, databases, and even internet security of their clients running smoothly. Some larger companies even began to cut their IT departments during this time to save money opting to have their technology handled by an independent contractor or outside company. Others sent their IT business overseas to countries where this type of labor was significantly cheaper.

However, analysts believe that since the economic recovery the role of IT will be changing in the marketplace. Information technology is crossing over from cost center to a profit center by focusing on the digital aspects of all types of business offerings.

According to Tech Republic:

“CEOs are keen to back technologies that will win them new business, favouring investment in customer-facing areas such as digital marketing, e-commerce and customer experience management.”

A company who focuses on these aspects of information technology which can help them grow their business will be in a better position to launch into the next era of digital commerce. Customers today are becoming more and more internet savvy and many even make purchasing decisions based on the trends presented in social media. Companies need to optimize their digital footprint, embrace mobile technology, and stay one step ahead of their competition.

For IT professionals this means that more potential job opportunities exist. Hot IT jobs of the near future include:

  • Mobile technology optimization
  • Internet security
  • Social media and collaboration specialists
  • Experts in cloud technology

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