Technology Takeover: The Top 5 Jobs of 2016

A recent Glass Door survey has ranked the top jobs in 2016. What was most interesting to us upon review of the results was the common thread running through all of the top careers: technology. Glass Door used factors such as earning potential and career opportunities to rank the best jobs for this year. Let’s take a look at the top 5.

  1. Data Scientist. In our world of big data, a data scientist is the next level of career from what would have topped out as a data analyst role. Data scientists take the discovery of new information to the next level by both analyzing the data and determining what information is best pulled from such a huge source.
  2. Tax Manager. In a similar way, someone in a tax management role uses data to help create the best financial structure for the business. Most importantly, they are responsible for making all the right decisions to ensure that a company is getting the best out of the tax system and putting in the right amount each quarter and year.
  3. Solutions Architect. In many ways, a solutions architect is the middle man. They are someone who can translate the data analysis into tangible steps that can be implemented by the team established to create a new technology.
  4. Engagement Manager. An engagement manager may be the next evolution of a project manager. This individual is the person who has the most time in a client facing position working with them to determine if a solution is correct and sharing that back with the implementation team.
  5. Mobile Developer. Lastly, in our world of increased mobile technology someone with the skills to develop apps and technology for this space is in high demand. The need for mobile technology is quickly overtaking the business world, even in fields where technology had never been a consideration.

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