The 4 Career Game-Changers Every IT Professional Should Know

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Entering the world of Information Technology as a beginner can feel overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Knowing a few tricks of the trade and insider information before you start your first job can be invaluable. If you’re just starting out in IT, here are some things that other professionals wish they had known before their first job. It pays to be ahead of the curve.

  1. Own your specialization. What do you really love about IT? This is the thing that you should focus on when looking for your first job. Attach yourself to a specialization that will inform your career for years to come. Many new professionals make the mistake of taking the first job that comes along but this can derail your long term career goals so be firm in your need to stay within your specialty.
  2. Ask for new responsibilities. The best way to gain new experiences in the workplace is to ask for them. When you see an opportunity within your company to try something new or apply your skills, talk to your manager. Ask for additional responsibilities that can help you increase your experience and demonstrate your worth to the company. This is how you make your own way and advance your career.
  3. Be confident. It can be intimidating to start any new career and with the way technology changes regularly, IT can be more frightening that other career paths. It is up to you to demonstrate your competency and be bold. Also, understand the difference between confidence and arrogance. One is helpful to a career and the other can be very harmful.
  4. Weigh pay and experience. Before accepting a new position really look at the salary that is being offered. Early in your career you may have more flexibility regarding pay and there may be cases where you’ll be smart to take less money than you want in order to gain the experience that will help you in the future. On the other hand, don’t sell yourself short. Really do your homework before accepting a job offer.

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