The 4 People You Need to Hire to Grow Your Business

To grow a successful business you need the right people in the right seats. Regardless of how good you are at your job or what industry you’re in, there are key roles that need to be filled to help your company succeed. So, when you’re getting your company off the ground, who do you need to focus on to ensure that you have the right team in place? Here are some key roles to consider.

  • Branding and marketing. If you’re just kicking off a startup company, you’re going to need someone who understands marketing. Many organizations start their business thinking that the concept will drive growth, but in today’s connected world it is important that you give your potential customers the best chance of discovering what you can offer.
  • Human resources and payroll. Once you start adding staff, you will also need to consider the human resources aspect of your business. Payroll is easy when it is one or two people, but add any more and it quickly becomes its own full time job. If you’re not ready to take this step yet, consider working with a staffing service to fill this role.
  • Technology experts. Unless your business is based in technology, you will probably need some help with hardware and software to help your organization run smoothly. Hiring someone in IT will help you avoid having to learn a brand new skill just to ensure that your company is running smoothing on the right platform.
  • Finally, many small business owners feel that they can handle their own accounting but it can be a great advantage to hire someone who is dedicated to this role completely. If you’re growing quickly, you can hire a full time accountant or you can work with an independent contractor to help out only when necessary.

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