The 5 Things to Know Before Starting Your Accounting Career

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It is often suggested that job seekers find mentors to help them pursue their careers. In this relationship the job seeker has an opportunity to learn from the mistakes that their mentor made along the way. They also have built in accountability and a platform off of which to bounce ideas before moving forward. But before you establish a career mentor are there things you want to know about accounting that will help you start off on the right foot? Here are 5 things you should learn before starting your career in accounting.

  1. Research specialties. Before you make a specific commitment to your career explore the possibilities within accounting. Talk to others who have pursued various specialties and try to think about how your specific skill or personality will fit into these roles.
  2. Get experience while in school. While you’re studying for your accounting degree take advantage of internships and part time jobs. Another great option is to volunteer in your community. All of these things will be great for your resume and very useful experience.
  3. Know where you want to work. Do you want to stay in your home town or are you thinking about moving somewhere else in the United States? It is important to know what the job market is like in the city where you want to live. Accountants are always in demand but maybe not in exactly the ways you were expecting.
  4. Learn how to negotiate salaries. Another important skills most job seekers don’t always master is the ability to negotiate salary. Don’t just assume that the offer made by the company is the only number. Research the job title and city where you want to work on websites such as and determine what your range should be.
  5. Look into both public and private. There is another choice that many accountants face. There is the possibility of working in either the public sector or working with a private corporation. Some of the requirements may be the same but how you approach your education and career search may be different.

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