The 6 Most In-Demand IT Skills

Now that we’re a couple of months into 2016, analysts are seeing several trends in the information technology industry that can help candidates focus their careers and find their next job. Some skills seem to be rising to the top in terms of organizational needs and professional development. If you want to ensure that you are marketable, consider adding any of these top skills to your resume this year.

  1. Open Source. There are a number of specific programming skills related to open source, such as Puppet, but most importantly companies want to be able to create solutions without spending a lot of money on expensive software. Open Source has changed the way individuals and businesses develop new tools and organizations are hiring IT professionals with this background.
  2. Big Data. Over the last decade or so, our world has become so data driven that the software originally created to collect and analyze it is woefully inadequate. That means that companies need individuals with a background in Big Data and the ability to pull the right information from the right places.
  3. Hadoop. Speaking of Big Data, this open source software tool is one of the most sought after skills when it comes to analysis and interpretation. Someone with a background in using Hadoop has an advantage over a candidate who may have general experience but nothing tangible to back it up.
  4. The Cloud. In spite of some organizations resisting this change, it is expected that most businesses will transition to cloud based storage and technology completely. This means that even small organizations will need to work with tech professionals who fully understand and can implement cloud based solutions for any business.
  5. Chef. As Hadoop is to Big Data, Chef is to The Cloud. This is much talked about company and software solution that can help any size business create a cloud based solution that will work for their specific needs. It is a configuration tool that writes “recipes” that streamlines the configuration and maintenance of servers.
  6. Information Security. Finally, in our world of Big Data, cloud storage, and constant online communication, there may be nothing more important than information security. Companies large and small need to ensure they protect not only their company data but the data of their customers. Information security covers a wide range of tech skills, but it will continue to be critical in the industry for years to come.

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