The Accountant’s Toolbox: 10 Apps to Make Your Job Easier

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Today’s accountants have so much more technology at their fingertips than even those of a decade ago. Using online and digital tools to help with an accounting career can take some professionals to the next level quickly. Here is our list of the top 10 tools that should consider tapping into as you pursue your accounting career.

  1. Dropbox: This tool is becoming nearly essential for all businesses. It provides a secure way to share files between remote users.
  2. Mozy: Data protection that helps you manage your information in the cloud safely and effectively.
  3. Leapfile: This allows you to securely send a file of any size to anyone with whom you do business.
  4. Sage One Accounting: This all in one accounting package makes it easy to manage services online or on a mobile device.
  5. Freshbooks: This free, online invoicing tool could easily take the place of options that cost businesses significant money.
  6. Outright: Another online option for small businesses to keep all of their accounting information in one place.
  7. Designwoop: Everyone needs a website today to promote their services, but an accountant is not a web designer. This easy to use tool can help you in your career.
  8. Xero: Another alternative to a service such as Quickbooks, knowing multiple platforms can help your career as you work with a variety of companies.
  9. Kashoo: With more companies using the cloud and online accounting services, this is another important system to understand.
  10. Kashflow: This service adds a payroll component that can help certain small businesses with all of their back office functions.

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