The Art of the Modern Resume

Are resumes a relic from the distant past? Some experts believe they are, but no one has proposed a better solution yet, so job seekers are still obligated to present some formal document listing their experience. But that doesn’t mean your resume needs to look like a cookie cutter version from an online template. In fact, recruiters often see hundreds of resumes for a single job posting, so they are likely to be drawn to the ones that have a little extra something. How do you create a modern resume that draws the right attention? Here are some tips.

  • Not a complete picture. The most important thing to know about your resume is that it isn’t meant to list everything you’ve done in your adult life. Keep the resume relevant to the job for which you’re applying. This should keep it limited to about two pages and include your experience in terms of accomplishments that will attract an employer’s attention.
  • The right creative touches. Some graphic designers are demonstrating their skills by creating resumes showcasing their talent. If you’re in IT, you may want to create a resume online that incorporates your programming or development experience. Keep in mind that creative resumes aren’t for everyone but the right touches can draw attention.
  • A sales document. Keep in mind that, above all else, your resume is your sales pitch. Often, it is the very first thing a recruiter or a hiring manager sees, so in order to get a phone call, it needs to grab their attention. Sell your experience in the best way you can for each job. Always answer the question, “Why should they hire me?”
  • The best format. Lastly, there has always been a debate about the right resume format. Some still swear by the chronological listing of jobs while others like the functional resume that starts with a summary and a list of accomplishments. In truth, every recruiter likes to see something different so try to make your resume stand out even within one of these formats.

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