The Highest Paying IT Jobs

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You know that your career in information technology can come with a good salary and benefits. There are many high paying jobs within the industry to consider. Before you select a specialization, you may want to check out some of the possibilities for earning potential. Here are some of the highest paying IT careers near our offices and around the country.

  • Information Security Specialist. Several recent attacks that have affected businesses and individuals alike show the need for information security specialists. This group of professionals have a unique type of job security. To perform this job, you must have experience with and understand the risks to the security of information or data. A security specialist will analyze breaches and repair and strengthen companies against cyberattacks. Someone in a C-level position in InfoSec can expect to earn well over $200,000 annually. In Phoenix, the salary is just under that.
  • IT Architect. This is a relatively new job title within technology and refers to someone who designs IT solutions and services for companies. An individual must have a strong business and IT background and be familiar with software and hardware architecture. Within the role, they’ll consider any possible IT solutions to provide the best experience to their business. In Denver, an IT architect can make around $115,000 per year.
  • Project Leader. An IT Project manager is a more general title, but there are a variety of possible avenues to take in this career path. Project leaders are responsible for maintaining the integrity of any IT project, managing the overall performance and participation of employees, and ensuring the best end results. This role has a variety of applications, so it can lead to a more diversified career. Project managers can earn over $125,000 annually in Orange County.
  • Software Engineer. If someone prefers coding over project management or information security, a position as a software engineer can provide career satisfaction. In this position, a professional can apply the principles of software engineering to the design of solutions based software. They will be immerse in development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation. And this position can be working with computer or any other device, such as a smart phone or automated home system, which relies on software to drive performance. A high level software engineer in the Phoenix area can earn around $123,000 per year. In Denver, the salaries are similar at a median income of $125,000 for this role.
  • Database Administrator. DBAs are information technology professionals trained to use specialized software that stores and organizes important data. Now that Big Data is so important to many organizations, this role has become critical in all fields. A DBA will plan capacity, installation, configuration, design, migration, monitoring, security, and troubleshooting of the database system. They can also be responsible for backup and data recovery. Expected salaries in Los Angeles for a high level DBA is $130,000 per year. In Orange County, the salary range is similar at $128,000.

To learn more about the annual salary potential for any IT position, check out Or contact VincentBenjamin to find out about current IT jobs in Phoenix, Orange County, Los Angeles and Denver.

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